Wills, Estate Planning, & Probate Litigation

If you have an issue regarding wills, estate planning, probate of estates, or probate-related litigation, then I can be of assistance.

Estate planning is a three-legged stool. You should have a Last Will and Testament, a Financial Power of Attorney, and an Advanced Directive to provide guidance for your health care when you are unable to communicate. I help families prepare those documents so that their families and possessions are protected. If you have a substantial estate, you may require more careful planning as part of your will. I can tailor your will to include insurance trusts, credit shelter trusts or other such estate tax saving provisions.

When you have lost a loved one, I can also assist in the probate of their estate. “Probate” is simply the name given to the process of administering someone’s estate. If a person dies with a Will – called dying “testate” in probate parlance – then I will assist the executor named in the Will to administer the estate in accordance with the Will. If someone dies without a Will – called dying “intestate” in probate parlance – then I assist the family member or friend who offers to serve as “Administrator” of the estate handle the affairs in accordance with state law.

Finally, the death of a loved one sometimes leads to tensions and difficulties. The person administering an estate may find their actions being challenged. Conversely, a beneficiary or family member may believe they are not being treated properly. In either case, I can also bring years of experience in probate litigation to assisting in your representation.