On my Mind

13 Jan 2014

D. Primus

For nineteen years I paid on a mortgage loan that was not in my name. However, the house was via a quitclaim deed from the previous owner. In April of 2011, the bank I was making payments to decided to sell the loan to another bank. Soon, it was sold again and then again, all in the span of two years. None of the banks would communicate with me regarding the loan, because the loan was not in my name. Then, in June of 2013, disaster struck: the last bank to buy the loan refused to accept my payments. That is when I called Tom Stubbs.

That is when I called Tom Stubbs after a mutual acquaintance told me he was one of the top lawyers in the state battling banks when you are facing foreclosure. At that time,I really needed some legal help. I had been battling with the banks for nearly three years, and I was at my wits end. Even though I had a perfect record of payments, I was about to lose the house because the loan was not in my name. It was Tom who untangled the web of confusion and put everything perspective. In spite of his extremely busy schedule. he worked tirelessly on my case for nine months until it was resolved in my favor — all without any monetary compensation.

Today, thanks to Tom and his relentless determination, my home and the loan are in my name. I am sincerely grateful to Tom for seeing me through a crisis that I was not able to do alone. The world needs more people like Tom.